Streaming and Social Growth

We utilise the most innovative  digital strategies and market research techniques to organically grow your marketshare across streaming platforms. 

We tend to carry this out post release day as this can assist releases that did not land editorial support. 

NOTE - We have a zero tolerance to streaming manipulation and "payola" playlist strategy. We will seize to work with any client that we discover is utilising such malpractices.

Pitching and Release Strategies

We can offer pitching services to streaming platforms, radio, TV, Social media and more.

We can also offer release strategy guidance and assist with actions based on demand.

Pithcing is typically effective pre release phase and post release after a growth campaign.  

Additonal Services

Additional services can include:

Chart Registration 


Sync pitching

NFT Creation and Marketing

Web2 to Web3 audience conversion


Of course, we don't just take your music, product, brand or event and aimlessley market it wherever we can get it. We take some time to plan.

We simply look at landscapes such as your auidence, to identify trends and patterns. We then introduce a few digital strategies to bring up those metrics and conversions. 

Aside to this we then revisit market channels that may now pick up on your release, product, brand or event. This could involve speaking with a DSP, Social media platform, radio, TV and more. It all depends on the overall goals that we agree on at the beginning.